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Magento Development

Basically, Magento is an e-commerce platform which is built with an open source technology that offers a flexible shopping cart system to online merchants. It is also responsible for controlling and maintaining the appearance, content, as well as performance of the online stores. Magento also offers powerful search engine optimization, online marketing, and catalog-management tools to allow getting noticeable outcomes. Therefore, there are many developers who consider it among the best and promising e-commerce platforms that are available today that ranges from community open source to large-scale organizations SaaS (Software as a Service) based system. With the great benefits offered by the open-source platform, the demand for Magento Development Company India is also rising among the e-commerce business owners or the local entrepreneurs who want to establish their business on the web as well.

One of the impactful designs that the developers use is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) design allowing great flexibility and extensibility of software components that lets the developers design and implement highly customized website designs. The OOP principle design offers great benefits including the strict separation of business logic from presentation and incorporation of industry-standard programming design. For sticking with the standard object-oriented programming (OOP) methodology, the SEO AIM POINT, a well-known Magento Development Company in India offers core components with base functionality, which can be congenital by customized components for a website according to the demand of the business.

Strongly layered product architecture is another way to support separation of visual presentation from business logic. This separation describes the customization of appearance and behavior of the online stores. These architectural layers help the developers to understand a high-level model for the best use of features and code in a complex system. In this typical module, the files are grouped by their performance rather than file type. Thus, the fundamental concept of Magento framework defines how the components of the website would perform.

Different types of layers:

Presentation layer – It provides view components (layouts, templates, and blocks) and controllers both that process command to and from the user interface.

Service layer – Through the service layer, the Magento Development Company India defines the entire interface to interact with business logics, such as generating sales lead and getting tax rates. Therefore, the service layer simplifies the process of replacing or modifying services through plugins.

Domain layer – The domain layer arrange for business logic and functionality in resource models, base classes, and data access capabilities that allow the developers to extend and customize the solutions.

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